8 Things You Absolutely Don’t Need in Your Home Office

8 Things You Absolutely Don’t Need in Your Home Office

Our home offices are our haven, our fortress, our livelihood. They are the place where the magic happens, figuratively for most. Modern technology has bestowed us with endless amenities to make our offices more comfortable, efficient, and productive. Alas, as with all good things, there is an antithesis. Join me on a journey to explore eight things that you truly just don’t need for your home office. Trust me, you’ll find this list to be both informative and SHOCKING!

  1. Shears - This should go without saying, but most home offices do not come equipped with sheep. If you refer to your barn as an office, please disregard.
  2. Washing Machine - Please do your laundry elsewhere. This is extremely distracting.
  3. Fish (dead) - Microwaving fish is against the rules in every office in the known universe, even if it’s your home office. Seriously, don’t do it.
  4. Firewood - The heat from an in-office fire is bad for your electronics. So is the smoke.
  5. Sand - It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.
  6. Skateboards - While extremely cool, they’re a downright safety hazard in an office. Resist the urge to drop a kickflip on your coworkers in the Zoom call.
  7. Boss 302 OHV V8 Engine - Again, extremely cool. Let’s keep that Mustang rebuild confined to the garage though, okay?
  8. Donuts - Oh is that what you want? Because that’s how you get ants.

Honorable Mention: Komodo Dragon. If your home office happens to be in this specific portion of Indonesia, I can't recommend keeping these guys out of the office enough.

With this newfound knowledge, your home office is sure to avoid some common missteps and hazards. If you have encountered any other things that absolutely should NOT be in the home office, join the discussion on our page on LinkedIn!

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