A Self-Audit Will Help Unlock Your True Potential.

A Self-Audit Will Help Unlock Your True Potential.
Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

In the never ending quest for self-improvement we try to maximize all that we can accomplish. Sometimes we hit a plateau, or we are stuck in a rut. The key to continual improvement is an understanding of ourselves, and a great way to gain a deeper understanding is to perform a self-audit.

The keys to a successful self-audit:

  • Monitor yourself with a purpose.
  • Learn about yourself.
  • Understand what you can change.
  • Understand you have weaknesses, be kind to yourself.
  • Ask questions about yourself as the day goes on.
  • When am I productive and at my best?
  • When am I struggling?
  • When do I feel defeated?
  • When do I feel inspired?

Most importantly, what is the explanation for these changes? Can you replicate the positive reasons? Can you omit the negative reasons? Identifying the reasons is the key element, and it takes active and constant reflection to pinpoint them.

If you can answer all of these questions, you will have a more intimate understanding of yourself that will allow you to grow. Capitalize on your strengths, identify what works for you, and eliminate the junk that gets in the way!

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