Strange is a Good Thing

We are all strange in our own way. Here is a short story of a memorable experience the other day. It all started with a lime green dinosaur helmet.

Strange is a Good Thing
Photo by Dan Parlante / Unsplash

At first I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing. As I drove closer, instead of things becoming clearer, they were getting more confusing by the moment.

“Yeah that long-bearded dude is definitely wearing a lime green dinosaur helmet.”

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Kinda like the one in the photo.

I slowed down to pass by this mysterious dinosaur/wizard-like pedestrian. The rest of his outfit did not disappoint. Red board shorts, combat boots, and a safety vest. For safety. He was towing an extremely large homemade off-road skateboard with a rope. We are talking 12” tires on that bad boy. By this point I was sufficiently entertained and enthralled, but then I saw it.

“What in the world is he carrying?”

It was a bow. Like a compound bow, but much to my relief without the bowstring. Not just the bow though, it had balls connected to it in various places, a large metal rod sticking from the top, and a bike horn attached where an arrow would rest. The Honking Bowstaff Supreme 4000. I couldn’t contain my excitement. This was without a doubt the most bewildering and awesome display of self confidence and off-the-wall eccentrism I had ever personally witnessed.

I was only about half a mile away from a skate park and dirt track, so perhaps he was headed there. Maybe that was his main mode of transportation? Unconventional for Alaska, would not recommend. Why the bowstaff? I have no idea, but along with the spiked helmet I felt like there had to be a good reason.

Maybe the mysterious bearded man and his things were worn and carried out of necessity. Maybe he was an avid Live Action Role Player on his way to an epic battle. I can’t say for sure, as I didn’t stop to speak with him (I’m so sorry to disappoint). There is always the possibility of some substance being in play around these parts, but I like to think otherwise. When I got to my destination I sent a message to my brother about the outfit that I was sure he would enjoy. I stopped to reflect on the man and his things and had a generally happy feeling.

I’m not sure of the moral, lesson, or overarching point of this post. Maybe it is just a reminder to live your life. Don’t be overly concerned with what people consider “normal” or what they might think is “strange.” We all should strive to be strange in our own way, as life gets pretty boring if we slip into mass conformity. One thing I do know is on the day I drove by that guy, I thought he was rad.

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