Dashy v1.7 - Announcing the Todoist Widget!

Dashy v1.7 includes our brand new integrated widget, Todoist! Todoist is a highly customizable To-Do list interface.

Dashy v1.7 - Announcing the Todoist Widget!
Dashy v1.7 Includes the Todoist Widget!


Dashy is built upon the idea that users should be able to customize a productive workspace that fits their needs. To accomplish this, users need to have as many options as possible. Since our inception, we have included a To-Do list, but some members of the Dashy community have clamored for an integration with the popular app and extension Todoist.

Todoist is now integrated into Dashy


With Dashy v1.7, we have delivered on those requests by creating the Todoist widget! This widget offers integration with your Todoist account, so your tasks can be synced and accessed from your Side Panel, or your New Tab dashboard. You can still use Todoist in more traditional ways, but now you can have quick glance access whenever you need. The widget may be a smaller interface than the main Todoist page, but you still have access to all of your Projects, Sections, Tasks, and Subtasks.

For a full breakdown of the Todoist widget, visit the Academy page here.

Todoist uses a different system of organizing your tasks than our original To-Do widget, which is why we needed to create Todoist completely separately. That said, you can decide which interface you prefer and stick to your own preference. The To-Do widget isn’t going anywhere, and you can still sync it with your Google Tasks or Microsoft To-Do accounts.


Why did we create an entire new widget when we already had To-Do list options? We aim to provide users with as many customization options as possible so they can create a workspace that fits their unique needs. So head on over to the Chrome Web Store and download Dashy v1.7 and try it for free today!

Join the Dashy community and see how the Todoist widget can help you be more productive! Check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Download the extension here!