How Dashy is Using Google Chrome's Side Panel API

The Dashy Chrome extension uses Google's Side Panel API to create the ultimate widget experience.

How Dashy is Using Google Chrome's Side Panel API
The Dashy Side Panel in Google Chrome

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May, 2023: Google Chrome just announced the launch of their Side Panel API. When the team at Dashy found out about this, we got to work right away. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to further enhance our users’ experience and help make them more productive and efficient than ever.

We envisioned a sidebar that would make a smaller, scrollable version of Dashy that you could take with you wherever you went on the web. Simply click an icon, and out pops your mini-dashboard and the widgets you love to use. With the vision established, we got straight to work.

The Process:

Much of the coding was already structured in a cohesive manner, so we saved a good chunk of time not having to start from scratch. However, we had to figure out how to sync our dashboard widgets with their side panel counterparts. Once this was sorted out, we built out the rest of the sidebar with a customizable dock, along with a variety of features unique to the side panel.

After weeks and weeks of testing, building, retesting, and testing some more, we finished a production version of our new product. We are extremely happy to present an integrated widget mini-dashboard that is by your side whenever you need it. Introducing the Dashy Side Panel.

The Dashy Side Panel

The Dashy Side Panel - Google Chrome Extension

As illustrated in the short video above, the Dashy Side Panel has all of the same widgets as our main dashboard, and the widgets seamlessly sync across both platforms.

Get the Chrome Extension Today!

The Dashy Side Panel is available as an extension in the Chrome web store. The extension not only installs this insanely helpful web assistant side panel, but also transforms your New Tab page into your Dashy homepage and workspace.

With the Dashy Chrome extension, you have a perfect workspace and launchpad with every new tab, and a companion side panel to take with you wherever you go on the internet.

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