Dashy 5 Month Update - 9k users

Dashy 5 Month Update - 9k users
Dashy Reaches 5,000+ Users Per Day at Month 5

Dashy hit 9,000 users, version 3.9 is live and Dashy has officially been available as an all-in-one extension for: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge for five months.

Dashy Reached 9,000+ Users in Google Chrome in 5 Months

Our first month update included new widgets and a FireFox launch. In our second month we gave users the ability to embed any website directly into Dashy. The third month included Microsoft Edge store, anonymous Dashy profiles, Microsoft Outlook integration, and more widgets like Spotify and Google Keep.

Let's take a look at month five.

Games Widget:

We launched a new widget that lets you play some fun games in your new tab. Check out classics like Pac-Man and Minesweeper, or runner's like Dino, and reboots like Hextris, you'll find something to waste your time on, we're sure of it!

Dashy Games Widget with 8 Fun Games

Embed Google Sheets:

We added the ability to embed Google sheets, specifically because a number of users asked us to. So now you can see all of your sheets in one place. For our power users, maybe not ALL of your sheets, but you could...technically. Check it out! Remember you can resize this widget by dragging the bottom right corner.

Dashy Custom Widget with Embedded Google Sheet

Dashy Sponsorship:

We understand that everyone likes free extensions, so we've decided to keep Dashy FREE. However you may notice a popup once in a while asking if you would like to sponsor Dashy for a month or a year to help us keep the lights on. If you do choose to sponsor Dashy you will not see this popup again.

Sponsor Dashy for $1 Per Month or $10 Per Year


On December 10, exactly 5 months after our launch Date of July 10, 2023, Dashy reached 9,497 weekly active users in the Google Chrome store.

It took us three months to get 4,000 users. Four months to reach 7,000. And five months to reach 9,500. We are very close to hitting our goal of 10,000 weekly active users by 2024.

Dashy Daily Users from Public Launch to Month 5

Try Dashy today and turn your boring homepage into a stunning new tab dashboard!

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